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Turbo-machinery International (TMI) is a fully Indigenous Nigerian services company for the oil and gas industry. We provide innovative solutions which span the entire field from wellhead to the topsides production facilities. TMI offers complete operations and maintenance services to the oil and gas and construction industries.

Our core area is in the supply and maintenance of high quality products such as pumps, steam turbine, compressors and cooling fans for various applications in the upstream and downstream side of the Oil & Gas and Petrochemical industries.

TMI is positioned in between the equipment manufacturers and the end users in the value chain. The equipment manufacturers who are our principals, offer a range of products that include API standard compliant equipment. can transfer employees quickly and adjust staff levels to accommodate customer and project needs.

Best Turbo Machinery Solutions

Innovative solutions from wellhead to the topsides production facilities.


Our corporate values

Vision, Mission & Core Values

To be the leading oil servicing company of choice to both the private and public sector globally

Delivering quality and unquestionable service to our clients in a timely and efficient manner.

Integrity, Competence and Hard-work.

Listen attentively to clients, investigate challenges, leverage research, experience and technology, and develop cutting-edge solutions that put our clients at the top always.